Eternal Adoration

Every year at the 5th and 6th of January, an eternal adoration is held in Pottenstein. Eternal here means two days, so it’s a rather short eternity… At the end of these two days of prayer a procession passes through the village. Throughout the course of the procession arc of triumph are erected and fires are lit on the surrounding hills. Every year this draws some ten thousands of visitors into that small village of 5000 inhabitants.

The roads are blocked at about 5p.m., dozens of buses block the parkings. Thousands of people crawl through the small roads and queue up for Bratwurst and Glühwein.

Although I am living here since 15 years now, this is the first year I ever heard about it. But it’s definitely worth a visit…

Below you can find all images from the visit. As I was travelling light (I was there with other people, so I did not want to schlep around the heavy artillery, I bored them sufficiently already), the images are sometimes a little shaken. But overall they did not turned out as bad as I feared.