First steps with Django and Pinax

I started playing around with Django and Pinax for a little pet project, which I might publish in a couple of months… So far the experience has not been good, but the alternatives are worse. Besides Django I also considered Ruby on Rails, but Django seems to be a bit stricter in programming standards. Documentation for both is not really good, most of it is pretty old and written for developers who already have a lot of knowledge on Django or Ruby. There are thousands or packages for both which would do what I need, but they come without any documentation. So the basic “Don’t repeat yourself” paradigm of both is maybe working, but you would need to repeat the work done by others as their work is not understandable and undocumented. Hurray…
What worked so far:

What did not work:

  • Setup Apache with wsgi, configure everything in vhost.conf in /var/www/vhosts//conf as plesk manages that stuff somehow. After fiddling with vhost.conf, run /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/websrvmng –reconfigure-vhost –

  • Configure