About me


Horrible Self PortraitSo, you found another boring website. Over here you’ll find my ramblings on random topics, pictures I took and stuff on cars, computers and travels. This site will not be updated frequently, just when I like it…

If you’re interested in who I am:

  • born 1975, then Kindergarten, School, the usual stuff
  • studied physics in Erlangen and Coimbra
  • PhD in Erlangen and Hamburg at the DESY particle accelerator
  • working for a big company as Systems Engineer for Healthcare devices
  • no children, not wearing skirts

My PGP Key can be found here: AB0DB4F5

The legal Stuff (aka Impressum)

Site owner, admin, author and responsible for nils.mipi.de:

Nils Pickert
Starenweg 3
91056 Erlangen
Contact: nils at mipi . de


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