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  1. Thanks for your interesting perspective after a year of using the X-E1. I’m pretty much in the same camp, but came from a Nikon D7000 and unlike your wise self, have weakened to techno lust and bought a bunch of Fuji lenses.

    Fuji’s lenses are fantastic, and the company’s Kai-Zen approach seems to follow that of Apple’s. Funny how such an old fashioned concept as customer service beats all the MBA’s with their ruthless price slashing and minimal service model. Hard slog and integrity often wins.

    But having weakened to the rave reviews, the rampant enthusiasm for Fuji’s excellent products, I now think just an 18-55mm lens is about perfect. Although if you want to splash out on anything in the range, I’d say the 56mm really does enhance the zoom. You can carry it just when you know it might be used.

    For the few times I use my longer Fuji zoom, I think my micro four thirds GX1 with its tiny 45-175 (90-300mm) lens offers a better alternative.

    1. Richard, thanks for your comment! On the long end I now got an old 135mm f/1.8 lens, which albeit being a bit soft is a nice lens. Maybe I’ll get some Fuji Tele as well in the future, but for now I am really happy with the light setup. The 56mm sure is tempting, but as I do already have a vintage 55mm f/1.2 I think I am covered as well 🙂

      What I like about the Fuji as well is the ability to use a lot of vintage manual lenses via adapters. They have their shortcomings on sharpness sometimes and are completely manual, but you get really nice images.

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