Takayama is a small town at the start of the japanese Alps. It’s a very traditional town, with a historic center and lots of ancient (or at least ancient looking) buildings.

Most of the infrastructure is made for tourists, so the center is full of restaurants, gift shops and the occasional sake brewery. The city seems to be quite popular with spanish tourists, at least half of the westeners running around in the streets spoke spanish.

Street in Takayama Street in Takayama

Takayama is very proud of it’s beef, which you can get as grilled skewers in some street shops as well as on the daily market along the river. The beef is grilled to perfection with a precision only japanese can achieve. I never saw somebody check that close how the state of the beef is…

Precision BBQ Precision BBQ

You can also get the beef as Sushi, which I did not try but it looked delicious (I just asked some passers by if I can take a picture…).

Beef Sushi Beef Sushi

The market is a nice mixture of vegetable sellers for the local people and snacks for visitors. There is also a traditional scribe, where you can get some made to order calligraphy.

Calligraphy Calligraphy

Takayama is probably a very good home base to visit the surroundings, but we had to go on to Kyoto on the evening, so we only were able to do a short stroll through the city.