January 2022 I was able to participate in the transfer of a “Flying Train” of the “Köln” class from Munich to Delitzsch. This flying train is in the ownership of the “Förderverein Schnelltriebwagen e.V.” and will be brought back to operating conditions in Delitzsch.

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Special Train

A couple of days ago I worked as train guard on a special train for the Dampfbahn Fränkische Schweiz. As our passengers walked part of the line, I had the train completely for myself as a private photo train between Muggendorf and Behringersmühle. We could stop everywhere to take pictures :-)

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Last weekend the Coronoa situation allowed to visit the german steam train museum in Neuenmarkt. Neuenmarkt itself is located at the lower end of the “Schiefe Ebene”, a steep incline on the railway line to Hof and further on to Thuringia.

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I wanted to go there in years, but never managed to actually do it, despite it is in the city where I work: the Kaiserpfalz-Museum in Forchheim. The Museum houses the archeological collection of the region plus a section on the history of Forchheim in newer times.

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Echinger Weiher is a small lake near Munich. It was created when the Autobahn was constructed and is filled with water from some springs. The water is relatively clear (for german lake standards) and has about 12 degrees all year round.

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