This weekend I went a little south, to Burghausen. Burghausen is a little town at the Austrian border, famous for the longest castle in europe. The castle is more than 1.5km from one end to the other, so you have to walk a bit when you are visiting it. There is a nice photography museum thee.

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It’s nearly three years ago already… Back in 2010 a friend of mine won two tickets to the GT1 Grand Prix at the Nürburgring, but couldn’t go. So I went there with another friend of mine and visited a car race for the first time.

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The Frankenballoncup finally took place after a couple of years of cancellation due to bad weather. And it was perfect weather… Unfortunately the wind went into a direction where the balloon I was supposed to be in could not find a large enough landing site, so I stayed on the ground. But it was fun anyway 🙂

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Schloss Seehof

Schloss Seehof was the summer residence of the bishops of Bamberg. It was build in the late 17th century. After being secularized in 1802 it degraded and was only restored in the second half of the 20th century.

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