Finally an update again, with images from 2021… hostorical train in Portugal, Linha do Vouga

The Linha do Vouga is the last remaining meter gauge line in Portugal. Next to the iberian broad gauge network, Portugal had a wide network of metre gauge lines which connected the valleys and areas along the main lines with them. Sadly, all of it has been closed, except the Linha do Vouga between Aveiro and Espinho. Originally this line was only a branch from the line to Viseu, where the Linha do Vouga connected with the Linha do Dão, but this part has closed a long time ago. The line at the Vouga Valley is also under danger today for being closed or being converted to broad gauge. An important piece of portuguese railway history would disappear…

Normally the line is operated with relatively modern railcars, which - to be honest - also have seen better times. But in summer, there is a historical train running there, with coaches from the early 20th century and Alstom Diesel engines from the 1950ies. The landscape is mostly not really picturesque, but the train is very nice and the museum and the touristic animation at the end of the ride is well done. On the way back the train stops for some time in Agueda, which allows you to visit the city, which due to the umbrellas in the main street has some Instagram-fame.