Another Lens to test, a freshly bought Canon FD55/1.2. This is a manual lens for the old Canon FD mount, modified to fit on the EOS mount of my cameras. Also all images taken with the Fuji X-E1 and the lens on an Adapter.

The lens is nearly impossible to focus, depth of field wide open is slightly thicker than a sheet of paper. When wide open the lens gets very dreamy, when you step down to f4 or so it gets quite sharp… Seems to be the perfect portrait lens.

Bark Bark
The following two pictures are one at f1.2 the other at f4. Notice that the depth of field gets a bit thicker, but the dreamy look goes away completely.
F1.2 F1.2
F4 F4

These two pictures show the 55/1.2 (above) and the Vivitar 28/2.5 (below).

Canon FD55/1.2 S.C.C Canon FD55/1.2 S.C.C
Vivitar 28/2.5 Vivitar 28/2.5