Israel again

The nice thing about my job is that they leave me out of the office once in a while to visit partner companies somewhere in the world. Last year I could go to Israel again for a few days. As usual, there is not a lot of time for sight-seeing on business trips, but the colleagues in Israel made sure that I could see something of their interesting country: Armaggeddon, Bet-She’an and Caesarea.

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Echinger Weiher is a small lake near Munich. It was created when the Autobahn was constructed and is filled with water from some springs. The water is relatively clear (for german lake standards) and has about 12 degrees all year round.

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I got my darkroom up again… So far I controlled the exposure by counting „one elephant, two elephants, three elephants…“. This is not really exact and so the quality of my prints varied quite a bit. To remedy this I started building my own darkroom timer.

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Last year and this year I had the pleasure to do some business trips to Israel. Although as usual on business trips I did not have too much time to see things, I managed to get a short glimpse on Israel and now know that I need to visit the country for some more time.

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