Se do Porto

High above the Douro, in the centre of medieval Porto, raises the cathedral, reminescent of a castle. Approaching from the narrow streets of the old city, you fist see her towers raising above the ramp to the place in front of the cathedral.

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While Lisbon is generally treated as the city of government and arts, Porto has always been a working class city, an industrial city. In many quarters you therefore won’t find represantative buildings, but the flats and houses of the working part of the citizens.

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Dona Henriqᵫta Emília da Conceição startet her life in poverty. After her father had left the family alone, she became an orphan with seven, when her mother died. She was raised by an aunt of her and started working at a very young age. When turning 16, she decided to take life into her own hands.

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Long time no post… I am slowly catching up with postprocessing photos, so hopefully I am finished with last years vacation pictures before this years vacation. Last year I spent some days with Nuno, Mariana and the kids in Horta on the island of Faial, Azores. We did a lot of diving with Norberto. Weather was mostly bad, but when you are underwater it doesn’t matter too much. We did some dives close to the shore which were already spectacular, but the most thrilling dive was at Princess Alice bank, some 100 miles offshore.

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